Journey’s End; Begin Again

Journey’s End; Begin Again.

In a few short months, I will (hopefully- it’s a conditional offer) officially be an art student, attending the Arts University [College] Bournemouth. I’m pretty excited, or I was until exam season fell upon me and any emotional energy I could have given to excitement was rather greedily snatched and devoted instead to (procrastination and the desire to cry) studying.

It’s Tuesday the 27th, 11:16pm as I write this. It’ll be Wednesday in less than a little bit; exactly two weeks until I do my last exam as an eighteen year old sixth form student after a great many years of education, and then I am free. (And by free, I mean of course that I have to immediately start looking for a summer job so that I can fund what I hope will be a good Au Revoir to education, and also help my mother a little with housing bills—as I’ve already sorted accommodation.. Seafront flat with meine freunde, here I come!)

I’ve heard that freedom comes with great responsibility (from some guy called “Uncle Ben” or something, man, I don’t even know), and so I felt (after much prompting from my dear sister) that I should finally start up a ‘serious’ blog to document the journey in- and the one out too. I’m about to experience a whole load of the new, I know this for sure; it’s a no-brainer. But, jeez, I’m going to miss a heck of a lot of things too. I’m about to close a chapter in my life, and I am very sure I skipped a paragraph or two back there that could very well have held some vital plot points. What if I’m moving onto the next chapter unprepared? Knowing my luck, some clue about how to defeat the huge mutant dinosaur about to terrorize my campus was written into those precious lines that my own two eyes skipped over, and here I am; two weeks to the end of the chapter, and I’m fast running out of time.

I digress…

I’d like to fill this blog with the ramblings I have as I finish high school, meander through summer and finally begin being An Art Student. (Imagine that. Imagine Me; the awkward child I once was would not believe she actually succeeded in her pretentious act of artisticalities and is fooling the world into allowing her spend all day and all night studying it.) And I’d like to fill this blog with my artwork, and written word from my mind.

I’d like to fill it with all of me.

That NY Top Though-
Neech ’09
Media Studies Presents...
Neech ’14




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