The Uglier Answer is…

“You’re in love with me… Why?”
“Beats the shit out of me, but I am.”

Why is this always the winner? I’ll admit, I melt time and time again in this scene between Abby and Mike in The Ugly Truth (2009) , and I’m right there along with Abby as she goes for the romantically cinematic kiss up in that balloon—but what is it about that that is so attractive, really? That he doesn’t know what exactly about her that he adores? That he loves her whatever the hell she is?

When Abby asks her walking checklist, Colin, the same question, her rejection of him is fair enough considering that his points about her were untrue—parts of her that Mike had convinced her to change to win the guy over in the first place. But, what if that had that not been the case? What if Colin had rattled off with “The way your gosh-darn radiantly blonde hair sits upon your angelically sloped shoulders, and the perfect bow of your lips—”

… Okay, so, assuming for a second that she didn’t projectile vomit over his exposed chest at how disgustingly cheesy that was, if she had to choose between Colin’s knowledge of what exactly about her grinds his gears (in a good way, if you know what I mean), or Mike’s “Well, Idk, gurl, I jus’ love ya”, which would she actually choose?


Your Opinion, Please

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