It cannot.

Bittersweet, KD.

“If it were a piece of paper, you could fold it. If it were kimbap you could roll it up. If it were flowing water, you could block it …. a plane can be put in reverse …. things can be blocked, or reversed, but why not this heart?”

– Ku Young Dal, Coffee Prince

I have a rather bittersweet relationship with Korean dramas.

What I mean by this, of course, is that I am irrationally in love with them and I cannot get enough, but I also have a great dislike for the rigid binary categories that the men and women general sit in—i.e. man; rich and violently in love with woman; poor and helpless. (Cue the “Omo”오모and the ever present “Ottoke”어떻게.)

Coffee Prince, however, despite being the first drama I ever watched (after discovering Gong Yoo in Finding Mr Destiny), is my favourite. In my opinion, it also breaks many a stereotypical boundary in the world of K Drama.

Briefly forgetting Gong Yoo’s (wonderful) presence, the drama is quite perfectly casted, and each one of them bring an individual magic and realism to each moment on screen. There are very few dramas that I can say I haven’t been pulled out of at some point for some reason or another. Coffee Prince was just so true (minus the suspension of disbelief that must be adopted to believe Go Eun Chan –Yoon Eun-Hye- is a guy at times), and the characters themselves, not the actors, were incredibly real people with what rang out as genuine aspirations, emotions and stories that I was avidly consuming.

Moving swiftly on, however, what I had initially hoped to say was that it had a great many beautiful quotes throughout that I noticed upon re-watching, episode 17 in particular.


“I’d abandoned so much in my life just to have you. It feels so unfair. You calculated everything to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt. Without a care for me.” 

– Choi Han Kyul, Coffee Prince


I love this guy.

[Both quotes are from Coffee Prince episode 17. Additionally, the show does not belong to me.]


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