Posting a Poem; Back

I have not yet posted a whole lot of poetry or art, despite that being the purpose for this blog. Honestly speaking, my poetry is often rather personal -or half-finished, and dubious  in my own eyes, but I’ll adopt a little bravery and get it over with.

Poem: Back

Well I wish you were – and I wish I was.
That weird, the wonderful remnants of a buzz
That manage to linger. It’s difficult to breathe still
From way back when-
Remember, then, the journeys we made to get out of the rut
That we’re stuck in?

So why are you walking back?

Taking steps, wasting energy you could use to attack;
You’re falling. Faltering.
And man, oh man,
I swear we were on the same page.
But maybe I kept scrolling down
While you got caught in that cagey stage of
Reread- reread-
That blur of words a backdrop
To the anxiety you feel. The sentences seem to reel
Out of no where.



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