Posting a Poem: Deja Vu

Deja Vu – Yours Truly, August 19th 2013


Deja vu. 

My arms are open as I’m welcoming the notion
of getting close
to you.

Deja vu.

As an attempt to close the gap between
he and me, or
she and I, is made,
but still I look to you – who
shuns these attentions, can’t hear the voice
that croaked,
was cleared,
before the conclusion was verbalised –
that I need you.

Deja vu.

For what I thought to be true,
the trails of a love of you,
were wrong.
And are.
And still I build these traps that break.
Build a you that does not exist
and throw my affections,
like confectionery,
so sweet do I deem us to be.
of course,
your teeth decay,
and you send me away,
and I feel the perfect fool again.

Deja vu.

As I wonder through this greying town
quite undead.
He and she nowhere to be found,
just me instead.
As I wonder if this thing called love
could really exist.
As I see this war of man eat man
all around me.

I’m not incredibly proud of the last stanza, nor with a number of bits and bobs along the way actually, but this was a poem I came up with when walking home at near midnight (on a Midsummer’s eve, tra-la-la), and I never went back to edit it. What came out was true to the moment, I think, so I’ve never really had a huge desire to change anything.

I am very open to thoughts, however.


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