An Old Broken Bag

Purple Sir
Drawn via SNote

As an artist and a writer, I’ve always had a strong relationship with notebooks and sketchbooks. It’s a relationship that has never wavered in intensity over the years, despite the specific object of my desires changing.

I remember, when I was a lot younger, lying in bed about to go to sleep and, whenever I had an idea for a story or something of that ilk, the lamp/light would go on and I’d grab the (always easily accessible) notebook, the fluffy purple Tracy Beaker pen, and I begin scribbling. It was a romantic idea; scribbling fantasies at silly o’clock in low lighting when I should have been asleep.

It was always the same when out and about. I find it really difficult to leave my house and, on occasion, my room without a pencil and a sketchbook and/or notebook with me, and when on a bus I’d usually whip it out and write or draw to my heart’s goshdarn content, but… Recently…

Recently, it’s my phone I slip out. I love the Note II I own not only because it has a beautiful 5.5 inch screen that allows me to read (stories and comics, I cannot stop) comfortably, but because of the stylus; I get to draw with ease.

But this seems to be another way in which smart phones and digital technology in general are taking away from the traditional. I already felt like I’d been doing more digital drawings than drawings with pen and paper, and now my phone is adding to that (or should I say taking away?). Tonight, instead of reaching for my notebook to update a few story ideas, I’d opened up Evernote, and then decided to do a quick 3am doodle on S Note before going to bed.

Maybe it’s just the age we’re in, and I should accept it… But I don’t think I want to. Sure, taking out a smartphone is more subtle and inconspicuous, but the satisfaction of pencil on paper will always be higher.


Feel free to view the kinda silly my sketchbooks are often filled with as I try to find sleep. (4.30am. I don’t think it’s coming tonight.)



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