In a World…

Yesterday afternoon, I caught the last fifteen minutes of a The Big Bang Theory episode while eating leftover Chinese takeaway from the day before (which was a most delicious egg fried rice, beef noodles and dumplings). When the show finished, I found there was nothing I could quite bring myself to watch on either Comedy Central or E4; basically the only channels I watch these days, so I flicked over to movies.

Of course, there didn’t seem to be anything particularly tempting there either, but its difficult to read while holding a bowl and a pair of chopsticks, so I carry on surfing those channels hopefully- and land on a movie called In a World…”

I’d never heard of it, despite the fact that it had been brought out in 2013, but it had a vaguely interesting description, as far as I remember, so I decided to stick with it. Whatever. Attempting to coordinate the rice from the bowl to my mouth via the chopsticks would take up most of my attention, I was sure. The movie would suffice simply as background noise.

I discovered, however, in the first few seconds (though I started more than half way through) that it was a comedy featuring a comedian I admire (coughcough looveee), Demetri Martin, playing Louis, and an actress I recognized (who I now know is called Lake Bell, playing Carol).

I ended up watching that more so than eating, and thus my chopsticks missed my mouth a great deal (more than normal), but one scene in particular made me smile.

It went something like this:

Carol: Hey, do you have any more of those sleeping pills left?
Louis: No, not on me, why?
Carol: No, just its going to be hard for me to fall asleep. After you kiss me. It’s going to be hard.

And, inevitably, a kiss ensues.

Good Lord.

How much of a romantic must I be to have been so suckered by that?

A big one. My goodness. I didn’t even notice the smile growing until it’d taken over my face and was trying to worm it’s way down my neck- and who knows where else.

Still. I’ve got to try that line some day.

Hook, line and sinker, I’m telling you. Smoother than Michael Jackson’s Criminal.

In other news, I went clubbing tonight. I’m actually typing this as I sit in the taxi home- and I forgot how much I loved just dancing in a club environment. I never knew I was that kinda girl, until I was. It was unnaturally emptier than it usually is, (though, being a Wednesday night, why was I surprised?) but it was good. So very good indeed.


Ana and Gee, standing by the seat,
D-A-N-C-I-N-G …


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