Alcohol and Missing Pens


When is the worst time to lose a tablet pen?
When packing up to move house.
Let’s all cry together.
In other news, I went out last night for a drink with friends -but before hand I spent £2.21 on a satisfying mini-snack…
And then £5.50 on a double vodka and lemonade that I did not even finish in the end.
That’s normally my drink- I get it every time, but the icky feelings were probably due to the fact that I was out at la boîte de nuit the night before, and I drank quite a bit more than that.
Still. I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol, so why do I bother?

Finally, I went for a jog last night. First time in about two years.

It was incredibly painful, but I’m all for giving this a go. ^^


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