Uni’s First Week

< Keep Your ears busy >

My first week of my Foundation course at AUB has officially come and gone.

It was good; great, even. Oddly exhausting, but worth it all the same. It’s nice, being part of something new- though odd to remain in the same place still, as so many friends travel around the country to their new universities. New homes.

This is what it’s like, being the one staying behind.

Not so bad really. I’ll miss them, but I’ve a journey that’s beginning here, and a life that’s new, despite the old mingling. New friends, and old one coming back.

Plus, the art thing, all day and everyday …

Yeah, that’s not so bad either.

I’ve had homework already; a two week-long visual diary, which I’m enjoying so far. A few pages from the sketchbook that I’ve scanned so far:





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