Assignment: Location Station

‘Location’ was the theme of the Media project, which took place after the Design one.

I started to explore the idea of different locations I thought of a certain person in, and thus; “Here, I think of You”

AUB - Animate Me large
Final outcome
Beach Me
Experiment 01
Here, IToY 1
Experiment 02

I experimented with drawing myself realistic and more simply. The simpler version took less time, thus I could change the background too- which I really liked. It was much more kinetic/alive. Decided I would try and go for a middle option in the final outcome, but it looks more realistic than not, and did indeed take an age. Longer than I had, so I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to (and you can probably see where I had to give up a little there. A cop out, but I think it looks alright still).



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