The Embrace

Close series


While you’re holding your own hand, can I hold your face?
Pull you in closer, draw you into the embrace of a Reuben Negron drawing.
We are two women of Egon Schiele.

One island in our own right, I couldn’t peel away if I wanted to.
Your height beckons that I lower my head-
wish you’d whisper that this is real.
Wish you’d give back my heart or steal the rest of me.
I both hate and love how I feel- what’s the deal?

I’m not stupid enough to think,
if I tell you I’ve fallen,
you’ll trip over too.
Like a tattoo, seem so permanent on this skin.
My eyes are so drawn to the suit that your soul sits within
And I cannot forget our touch.
A moment in time so quickly gone-
Darling, what’s the rush?
Baby, why must we hurry up?
Flirt around the issue-

I’d like to have this dance with you.
Romance too soon feels like childsplay, and
Soon I will not remember why I’m trying to
Pursue, due date to kiss you
Was months and months away.

I’m already beginning to miss you,
and still I cannot stray.

How can I, when our arms are still
Trapped in an embrace?

Inspired not only by the back and forth of a not quite relationship, but by thinking about couples and relationships as islands, through which I discovered Reuben Negron’s Embrace series (which is beautiful, I highly recommend, and I think I’ll blog about it some day in the future), in addition to a number of Egon Schiele’s works.

Egon Schiele Two Women Embrace
Egon Schiele – Two Women Embrace

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