Friend in the Dark

Posted this last month, but it’s undergone a few additions since and so I thought I’d post it again;

<< Still yearning for Cycling TrivialitiesJosé González >>

It’s funny how I once had a friend who’s now a stranger.
Stranger that the night was once our home and now
I hunger for the day in the dark. It’s not right being home without you.
Wishing for the sun on all these stars that we sat back, watched twinkle.

Maybe I miss your face more because I could hardly see it,
Just like I could hardly see the hold you put on me.
Street lamps lit up our eyes like sheets of acid, but
I was blinded by the lack of secrecy.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first.
You spilt your soul, and in return my heart burst.
I forgot how to breathe, and, in silent night, let your lungs teach me.

Wrong move.
Move in the same rhythm now.
Rope around your neck and mine, had to step at the same time.
Hurt more the further and longer I left for,
Until that fragile connection just snapped.

And once I’d wrapped my head around that—
Once I could comprehend
I think it was better that we didn’t continue to
Pretend we could be the same.

Apart can’t even start to compare to beside,
And if I said it did, I lied. Just like our conversations
Died under the sun. Watered less, and less,
Then gone.

And still, I think of you.
My dreams lend themselves to your memory.
Your voice echoes soft, “July hear my plea—
I’d like to be back in you.”

And this is the Great One’s cue to turn back time.
Midsummer night roll-ups our only crime-
We’d sit, sing and speak of sublime
And of future, ignorant to it’s gift of Dawn,
Separation so bitter.

One picture to gaze at and nostalgia,
Like you had, holds me tighter.
So, stranger, once friend,
May I please know you again?


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