To See and Record

When it comes to drawing from life, there’s a mindset that I have to reach in order to see and record properly. I know I’m there when I’ve achieved it; I hold my chosen instrument more loosely and yet find that I have more control. My eyes are rarely leaving that which I’m replicating, but the marks on the page, regardless, seem to follow a hand that knows where to go. I’m calm.

Which is odd because, generally, I’m not aware of not being calm when I draw, but when I think about it, there is so much apprehension surrounding a drawing of an existing thing or person in particular than images taken from my imagination (which I do a lot of). So, I’m calm.

When I reach that place, I’m determined to do as many drawings as I can- or spend as long as I can drawing in that state anyhow, because it tends to leave me quite suddenly, and I also haven’t figured out how to fall into it either.

If anyone has any tips… I’m all ears. ^^
josh josh1


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