The Giraffe

I haven’t even said yet, but this year- officially my first as an Illustration student- I’m living with my sister.

I couldn’t have asked for better.

I think we both had the “Are we going to meet anyone else?” fear. It’s a tough one. I know from going to Foundation last year that a lot of people make friends with those they live with, either in Halls or shared accommodation. I know, from living with my friend last year, that if you know someone already, you aren’t pushed to push- to try to socialise. You want to, and you can, but knowing that you won’t be alone when you trundle home, there’s no pressure to talk to the person on the bus next to you or ask your course-mate what they’re doing tonight; you’ll text that friend you know already and you’re sorted.

Not so simple.

Falling into that habit comes with a wedge that places itself between you and those around you; the fundamental social skills that need to be developed at this stage are not developed. And it’s difficult to navigate through such a community without them – trust me.

But, in a way, living with my sister is also giving me a confidence I ordinarily struggle to gather, and I’m trying. (Hard though it may be.) It’s good here. It’ll be good, this year. I’m looking forward to it!

More to come soon: Blogging right here, Tips & Reviews for Uni and more here, and work produced here.
Giraffe with Lou


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