you are everything : freckles A

For the pleasure of the drum in your ears
Listen to It Was You by Sina as you read.
Please click repeat.


you are everything | freckles A
second piece

a stain on the lamp shade
paint drop ever on my sock drawer.
the crack in my cup that I will
always drink from
now, ticks of an off kilter clock.
frayed page immortal on a shelf
beaten by age and life’s weary wealth
I see patches of another life.
mirrored in the unkempt tracks of un                                                                    
vieil et une fois amié1 record                                     transl. “an old once loved”
are free threads growing from your vest.
it’s a wonder abandoned charcoal on a
jamming keyboard don’t
stir my heart like
curling skin on drying lips
or fringing fingernails. Dented
wedding band. Rumples
on your feet. Scratches
on my keys.
not even the yellowed teeth of
the plug-in piano can plink
grand, and yet how
grand it all is

you are everything‘; a collection of poems written in response, inspired by, and whilst listening to It Was You by Sina (over and over).


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