you are everything.

For the pleasure of the drum in your ears
I cannot stress enough that this song must be listened to
before/after/during the reading of this poem. Please click repeat- and hook up some earphones..

I just finished the beginnings of ‘you are everything‘; a collection of poems written in response, inspired by, and whilst listening to It Was You by Sina (over and over).
It’s a beautifully evocative song. I hope you enjoy it.


you are everything | first of all

Everything you are
left a broken heartbeat
struggling on and
falling flat upon

But I can fix the
bruises. Itchy fists and
itchy palms and itchy features.
Will you let me quench the
thirst in your lips too?
Find the crevices in your teeth and
kiss your mouth

There is nothing where
the air lacks you.

Everything you are
lies like a canopy
and inhales like
breathing deep
knives of air with
burning ball cradling your

Unassuming and
consuming in
nature, you left a broken
heartbeat that
I have learned to dance to. Move
to an laudanum tune
that seduces silence into

And everything you are I
am too.

Would you watch me
run away? Struggling on
path of gum and honey
I tried, and the shadow that your
shoulders drew still
scares me into keeping the
bird feet perched on the
corners of your gaze in memory, mind’s
eye open
sesame seed of hope, smoke
rope, and
let me run away.

I tried to stay in
but you let me run away

You are everything and

[repeat yae]

freckles A    freckles B    the joy in losing


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