C’est Moi.


I am a twenty-one year old student of the arts and literature (currently attending Art University). I have interests in a wide range of things, including Illustration, Animation, Film, Fashion, Photography and Music.

I love to write poetry, young adult novels, and awkward songs that I accompany with a much-loved guitar or ukulele, and produce mixed media pieces of art when I’m not drawing on the computer. Romantic novels are a guilty pleasure, but I totally dig the gritty stuff, and epic Adventure fantasies; what in the world would I do without them?

I draw non-stop, and can hardly bear to leave my bedroom without my sketchbook most days. I collect hats, live in large t-shirts, and have a soft spot for Elvis that I could never deny.

That probably concludes it, for now.

Oscar Wilde once said “Those who look beneath the surface of art do so at their own peril”.

I like to take that risk.

300 Failures

nkw – 2014.


2 thoughts on “C’est Moi.

    • You’re welcome! I really enjoy them, and I’m looking forward to more ^^
      Aha, thank you so much! I just hope I can make something out of them in the future :’) Will do!

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