The Bird


The Bird

It’s bizarre how beautiful
you are. Fresh as the daily
bread and pale as the
milk moon tonight.
Burning stars on your skin,
from your head, in your

No. This isn’t love. It’s Plato-
like. Notation of what is
true, not false. All right.


Forgetting the Groceries

It was a while ago now when we were walking home in the dark. My hand was in my pocket and Sketchbook Italy 13 ku n mimy hand was in yours. Your hand was in mine and wrapped around a plastic bag of edibles we’d picked up from the supermarket.

You said “I forgot I had groceries” because you’d been holding the bag for so long. I laughed. It was funny. I squeezed your hands and looked up at you because I’d been holding you just as much- would for longer still, but I could never forget.

Shall we experiment?

We, in general, don’t know what we have until it’s gone. I’m aware you’re beside me. I’m aware of your fingers ever squeezing. Note it only when you don’t.

But I hope I won’t forget the ever present rest.

Elliott to Dove



“You need to be more
developed, my love,”
Said Elliott to Dove.
“More gentle.
Less rough.”



The thing is, Dove isn’t too sure Dove’s a dove at all, and Elliott isn’t too developed himself.

Watercolour and fineliner in Sketchbook Italy.

you are everything: the joy in losing

For the pleasure of the drum in your ears
Listen to It Was You by Sina as you read.
Please click repeat.

you are everything | the joy in losing
forth piece

Listen to me always. Think about
me always. So say they;
maddening voices in my head
full of wonder, lusting after
you. They lead me paths astray. Somehow
I think that everything you are
soberly sings to me.
Song sounds like the slightest break of
routine, glitch in system
wrapped in freedom
so why shouldn’t I jump?
Tumble down like Jack,
break my crown
and break your throne and
we can tally loser later, side
by side in hospital bed.
I’m unafraid of you.

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you are everything: freckles B

For the pleasure of the drum in your ears
Listen to It Was You by Sina as you read.
Please click repeat.

you are everything | freckles B
third piece

You’ll leave me void and
empty, darkness and
eternity. Itching at the starlight
without hope of ever
relieving it. That isn’t right
now, is it? Unkind
but I signed my name regardless.
Saw it coming clearly as
the pigment of your skin and
marched on like
ant to mount-hill,
mettle and madness, moved by
everything you are.

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you are everything : freckles A

For the pleasure of the drum in your ears
Listen to It Was You by Sina as you read.
Please click repeat.


you are everything | freckles A
second piece

a stain on the lamp shade
paint drop ever on my sock drawer.
the crack in my cup that I will
always drink from
now, ticks of an off kilter clock.
frayed page immortal on a shelf
beaten by age and life’s weary wealth
I see patches of another life.
mirrored in the unkempt tracks of un                                                                    
vieil et une fois amié1 record                                     transl. “an old once loved”
are free threads growing from your vest.
it’s a wonder abandoned charcoal on a
jamming keyboard don’t
stir my heart like
curling skin on drying lips
or fringing fingernails. Dented
wedding band. Rumples
on your feet. Scratches
on my keys.
not even the yellowed teeth of
the plug-in piano can plink
grand, and yet how
grand it all is

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you are everything.

For the pleasure of the drum in your ears
I cannot stress enough that this song must be listened to
before/after/during the reading of this poem. Please click repeat- and hook up some earphones..

I just finished the beginnings of ‘you are everything‘; a collection of poems written in response, inspired by, and whilst listening to It Was You by Sina (over and over).
It’s a beautifully evocative song. I hope you enjoy it.


you are everything | first of all

Everything you are
left a broken heartbeat
struggling on and
falling flat upon

But I can fix the
bruises. Itchy fists and
itchy palms and itchy features.
Will you let me quench the
thirst in your lips too?
Find the crevices in your teeth and
kiss your mouth

There is nothing where
the air lacks you.

Everything you are
lies like a canopy
and inhales like
breathing deep
knives of air with
burning ball cradling your

Unassuming and
consuming in
nature, you left a broken
heartbeat that
I have learned to dance to. Move
to an laudanum tune
that seduces silence into

And everything you are I
am too.

Would you watch me
run away? Struggling on
path of gum and honey
I tried, and the shadow that your
shoulders drew still
scares me into keeping the
bird feet perched on the
corners of your gaze in memory, mind’s
eye open
sesame seed of hope, smoke
rope, and
let me run away.

I tried to stay in
but you let me run away

You are everything and

[repeat yae]

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Let’s write happy

I had a dream that you took me in. Home
was chilled as spring evening and
dark was just a dimmer light with
warm coloured bulbs lining flights of
mini outdoor stairs.

We were brick and minimalistic plastic,
modern curves glowing briefly blue amid
flashes of a smiling shade of your lamp-lit face.
So far, the cradle we share lives there alone,
Let’s write happy
you said.
So, here I go.

Happy can live there too.